The Basic Elements of Interior Design

A well-lit living area with modern elements of interior design mixed throughout the décor.

Today, professional interior designers usually follow a set of informal rules based on specific design principles and elements. These basic design principles have been used by painters, photographers, and sculptors throughout history. They are considered a standard and essential part of fine arts.

If you find yourself stuck in a home décor rut or are unsure how to stage your home for a successful sale, follow these basic interior design elements, and watch your space form a cohesive aesthetic.


Color can influence the entire mood and feeling of a space. Each color defines three characteristics: hue, value, and intensity. Interior designers perform various permutations and combinations with textures and colors to provide a better look to your space. It’s vital that the color selected complements the room’s use with more restful shades for bedrooms and energetic hues in a home office.


Horizontal, vertical, and dynamic lines help to shape a room and guide the eye. Creating lines using the room’s furnishings and structural design can form harmony, unity, and contrast within the space.


Form is the shape of the room and any objects within the room. It relates to the physical form of anything three-dimensional. Forms are described as either geometric or natural. Geometric refers to hard lines and square edges, often looking man-made, while natural relates to more organic forms that seem to be created by nature. Adding forms of similar shapes can create harmony and balance, and a space is more pleasing if the dominant form is repeated in minor objects throughout the room.


Natural or man-made light is a critical aspect of any space. When considering lighting, it is important to address the activities happening in that room. An at-home office will require bright lighting, but a living room can get away with softer light, maybe even incorporating a dimmer to make the space more versatile. Natural lighting should always be considered and can be manipulated through clever placement of doors, windows, and mirrors.

These basic elements of interior design will come in handy when you are in the process of selling your home. A well-designed space will attract the attention of potential buyers and help your home sell quickly. With an easy and affordable DIY home staging package from Stage2Go, your space will meet all the basic interior design elements. Simply choose your décor and furniture sets, set them up when they’re delivered, and watch the bids fly in.

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