Use These Tips to Nail Your Live Virtual Open House

Affordable Home Staging Packages in Washington D.C.It used to be that real estate agents and sellers wanted potential buyers to spend as much time in a property as possible, to help them build a connection that would drive them to make an offer. In the age of coronavirus, however, the goal is to keep in-person showings and interactions with buyers to a minimum.

So, how can you get someone to fall in love with a home they’ve never or barely step foot in? You can start with a livestream open house! Check out our tips below to ensure your virtual attendees have a positive and informative experience.

Promote it as you would any open house event.

Whether your open house is in person or online, people aren’t going to show up if they don’t know about it. Use your regular marketing channels and networks—social media, client email list, other agents, website, local MLS—to promote a virtual event just as you would a traditional open house. Start your promotion efforts early, providing details about the property to build interest and encourage people to tune in.

Plan your tour ahead of time.

Before you go live for a virtual open house, take the time to walk through the property and determine how you can best show it off. Write down unique features you want to highlight, the best path to convey the size and layout of the house, and any other information you think would be valuable to provide. Such talking points might include facts about the neighborhood, recent property upgrades, and other standout amenities.

Do a practice showing.

Once you’ve outlined your plan, do a dry run before the day arrives. This will help you refine your talking points, improve the flow of the tour, and get more comfortable talking to the camera. You should do this run-through with your equipment to ensure everything works sufficiently. That way, any problems with the camera, microphone, lighting, or connectivity issues can be fixed before you go live.

Save your livestream and repurpose for marketing.

Since you’re putting in all this work to pull off the perfect virtual open house, you might as well get the most use out of it you can, right? Record your live showing and download it as a video you can use to advertise the house further. A video tour can enhance your website, be shared on social media, or even emailed to clients who were unable to attend the live event.

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