How to Select the Right Artwork for Home Staging

Living Room with Beige Furniture and Abstract Wall ArtWhen you’re staging a home to sell, the details of a room are just as important as the main pieces. This means you need to thoughtfully select not only the furniture for your space, but the accessories too. Wall art is one of the most pivotal staging accessories to get right.

The right artwork can serve as a finishing touch that brings your space alive. The wrong artwork, however, can throw off the look of the entire room and make buyers question whether your home feels right at all. To help you select the right wall art for effective home staging, use our expert tips below!

Keep it simple.

Artwork for home staging needs to have universal appeal, so now is not the time to experiment with controversial pieces. Abstract pieces, landscapes, cityscapes (especially of your location), nature images, still lifes, and geometric designs tend to be your best options for staging. Types of art to avoid include anything heavy, mysterious, personal, risqué, political, or religious, as these may turn buyers off or distract from your space.

Make it original.

Although your home staging art should be simple, that doesn’t have to mean boring or expected. If you choose art that is generic or mass-produced, such as a reproduction of a famous piece, you’re not adding anything to your space; in fact, you’re detracting from it by making it feel tacky. Instead, opt for artwork that has personality to bring to your space, but that still looks sophisticated.

Pay attention to size, style, and scale.

Most importantly, staged artwork must work functionally and aesthetically in your space. To keep your design cohesive, you’ll need art that matches the style and color palette of the room—keep in mind that wall art is a great opportunity to add a pop of accent color. The size and scale of your pieces must also suit the wall and surrounding furniture. Art that’s too big will overpower the room, while art that’s too small will make it feel empty.

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