Virtual Real Estate: How to Create the Perfect Video Tour of Your House

DIY Home Staging Services in Washington D.C.Everybody knows that stunning photos are a must for your online listing, but virtual 3D and video tours are becoming more standard as technology becomes more accessible. Giving buyers an immersive preview of your space is a unique way to set your listing apart and attract more people to your property.

It’s important to keep in mind, however, that only a high-quality virtual tour will add value to your listing. Use these tips when you film your video house tour to make sure you catch the eye of as many buyers as possible!

Start by staging your space.

Don’t think of your video tour as a means of showing people where you live, but as an opportunity to show your buyer where they’ll want to live. Before you pick up your camera, implement the basics of staging strategy in your space—declutter, deep cleaning, and furniture and décor staged to highlight your home’s best features.

Shoot from a point of view that mimics an authentic showing experience.

As you create the path for your video tour, think about where in each room a buyer would stop to get the best view and offer them several of these positions. The corners, doorways, in front of the windows—these are the types of spots from where you’ll want to film and pan each room in its entirety from wall-to-wall and ceiling-to-floor. Don’t forget to move slowly as you capture the view from each position, so buyers can see everything clearly.

Keep lighting consistent.

Maintaining consistent levels and types of lighting in each room as you film your video walk-through is important for creating a fully immersive experience. Time your shoot for when the natural light in your home is optimal, which is typically right after sunrise or before sundown. Supplement with artificial light when necessary and to the same level in each room.

Stop to highlight your home’s best features.

Ultimately, you want to use your video tour to show potential buyers from the get-go what sets your property apart. So, don’t forget to stop and highlight those charming details or luxury amenities that will draw people in for an in-person showing. Zoom in slowly or linger for a few extra seconds on these details to give buyers a taste of what your home has to offer as you film your virtual tour.

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