Simple Ways to Prepare Your Home for a Spring Sale

Home for sale real estate sign in front of a new house

Spring is the optimal time to sell a home. Inventory almost always rises during this season because the largest number of buyers are actively searching for a new home during April, May, and June. It is important to do everything you can to ensure your home stands out among the sea of new listings.

Here are a few simple ways to prepare your home for a spring sale!

Have a Home Inspection

The buyers will usually want a home inspection as part of the sale process. To prevent running into surprises during this phase, consider having an inspection before you list your home. This will help you understand potential issues that might come up and correct them before going on the market.

Don’t Forget Curb Appeal

You can’t forget to give potential buyers driving by an excellent first impression! Be sure to rake the yard, clean out dead leaves and debris in your lawn, and trim the bushes. Don’t let overgrown vegetation block the windows or path to the entrance. Cutting bushes and tree limbs will let the sun inside and showcase the exterior of your home. Feel free to add a few curb appeal boosters like a decorative bench, colorful mailbox, or flower planter.

Consider Needed Upgrades

Sellers should consider the cost of the proposed upgrade against the home’s market value after the project is completed. You should only make improvements that will have a return on investment. Kitchens and baths carry the highest return, and these should be top of any renovation list. Consider small upgrades to items such as cabinet knobs, light fixtures, showerheads, and faucets. These quick and easily upgradable items can carry a significant impact.

Utilize Home Staging

You want to show off your home in its best light with the right furniture, décor, and accents. This can decrease its time on the market and help it sell for more money. When a home is empty, it might be harder for someone to imagine themselves living in the space. It may feel cold and uninviting, and you want your buyers to feel welcome and at home.

Home staging doesn’t have to cost a fortune, especially if you utilize DIY Stage2Go packages! These packages have everything you need to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your home. They are simple, affordable, and easy to set up on your own. Staging your home has never been easier!

Call (202)257-2072 to discuss which Stage2Go package is right for you and your space and sell your home fast this spring!