Boost Your Curb Appeal for The Market with These Tips

DIY Home Staging in Washington, D.C.If you know the first thing about attracting buyers to a property, then you already know that a fresh, inviting exterior is the key to grabbing their attention. It’s the first thing people see when they drive by or arrive for a showing, and your first chance to make a good impression.

Looking past a shabby, lifeless home exterior is going to be difficult for any buyer. Use these tips to create maximum curb appeal for your property, so you can nail your introduction!

Bust out the trimmers.

Out of control greenery and plant life make your house look disheveled and block appealing exterior features. Before you even take your listing photos, cut back trees, shrubbery, and other landscaping that prevents you from showing off what you’ve got.

Keep the lawn mower out.

You never know when a potential buyer might drive by or ask for a last-minute tour, so it’s important that you’re constantly maintaining your exterior—and that starts with your lawn! Mow, trim, and edge your front (and back) lawn regularly to keep it looking clean and well-kept.

Freshen up your paint.

Painting the entire exterior of your home might be too costly and time-consuming to be worth it just for a sale. But even if you can’t do the whole house, a new coat on the front door, porch, or around the trim can still achieve an inviting, updated look!

Create inviting outdoor spaces.

Draw buyers to your home by helping them picture themselves barbecuing on the back patio or reading on the front porch. Update your outdoor spaces with new furniture, clean landscaping, a little bit of stylish décor, and fresh florals for a pop of color.

Clean & declutter.

Don’t let mess distract from the assets your property has to offer. Take the time to clean your windows, gutters, roof, and walkways. You’ll also want to remove unnecessary clutter laying around that can turn off your buyers with a “lived-in” look—bicycles, trash cans, garden tools, etc.

While you focus on perfecting the outside of your home, let Stage2Go help you take care of the inside. Our easy and affordable DIY staging packages can be ready to go and at your doorstep in 48 hours—perfect for that last-minute showing or open house, and leaving you with plenty of time to focus on your curb appeal.

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