Month: May 2021

How You Can Help Start a Bidding War for Your House

Affordable Home Staging in Washington D.C.

If you want to sell a house for top dollar, you need to go into the sale process with a strategy in mind. It takes a concerted effort not just to attract buyers, but to attract quality buyers and compel them to make a good offer. One of the strategies real estate agents and home… Read more »

The Top Accessories to Complete Your Home Staging

Affordable Home Staging in Washington D.C.

Home staging is an art. One of the many things staging and art have in common is that it’s the finishing touches that truly bring everything together to create a beautiful final piece. In home staging, carefully chosen décor and home accessories are what act as these finishing touches to complete your space. To help… Read more »

4 Ways to Save Money When Selling Your Home

Affordable Home Staging Services in Washington D.C.

Many people are surprised to learn that a home sale doesn’t just cost the buyer money, it costs the seller too! Between fees, commissions, closing costs, and what it takes to get your house market-ready, selling ends up costing you thousands out of your final sale. The good news is that while you’ll never be… Read more »