The Top Accessories to Complete Your Home Staging

Affordable Home Staging in Washington D.C.Home staging is an art. One of the many things staging and art have in common is that it’s the finishing touches that truly bring everything together to create a beautiful final piece. In home staging, carefully chosen décor and home accessories are what act as these finishing touches to complete your space.

To help you pull together the perfect look for your buyers, we’re letting you in on our expert stagers’ go-to accessories for polishing off a home interior for the market!

Throw Pillows & Blankets

Placing a couple of throw pillows and a comfy throw blanket on the couch or bed is an easy, subtle way to cozy up your space. These simple accessories will help buyers imagine themselves curling up in your home on a chilly night. It’s also an opportunity to add a little visual interest with an accent color or pattern.

Faux Plants

Adding plants and flowers is a universally-appealing trick to bring a little extra life, color, and energy to a room. Floor plants are also a great way to take up space and make a room with minimal furniture look less empty. We recommend opting for faux plants, so you don’t have to worry about maintenance to keep them looking fresh and attractive.


If you want a classy, stylish accessory to give your space some character and interest (and trust us, you do), then books are an easy solution. A stack of two or three will look great on the coffee table, to fill up shelving, or on the nightstand. Buyers will be able to picture a romantic life of reading novels for leisure. Try to choose books with cover colors that coordinate with the rest of the room.


Candles will help create a warm, welcoming ambiance for buyers and eliminate any lingering odors in your home. Just be sure to use subtle scents, so as not to overpower, distract, or turn off anyone who may not like that particular aroma. Place candles in decorative holders to double as a modern centerpiece or table filler that draws the eye.

Before you can have fun with home staging accessories, you need to make sure all of your major pieces are in place first. At DIY Stage2Go, we make that part easy with our affordable designer furniture and décor packages! All you need to do is choose the best furniture and décor sets for your space, complete the easy DIY installation process, and accessorize with your own personal touch.

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