• Is Delivery included in the price?

    Yes! Delivery of your entire package of furniture and decor is included in your contract term price. Delivery will include a professional moving team who will bring your package into your property and place the furniture where you direct. They will place the one included rug where directed and assemble the bed (but not make the bed with the provided linens). The decor will be unpacked and placed in one spot and the art will be left wrapped and stacked for you to hang it later. Lamps will be placed on the side tables/nightstands. Installation (hanging of artwork, making the bed, etc) is not included in the base price but can be added on for an additional $600.

    Please note that we require the client or a representative to be on site during the delivery, unless you have paid for installation, in which case a point of contact is not required to be physically on site.

  • What do I need to have ready in order to complete my staging on the day of delivery?

    Unless you have paid for installation, please be sure to come armed with 4 lightbulbs and hanging implements and tools to hang your provided art. Our canvases are lightweight and can be easily hung with two substantial nails, placed evenly apart.

    In addition, these are some other ideas that can help your final staging product look great and personalized to you:
    Bath decor (hand towels, nice soap dispensers, faux orchid or succulent, small piece of art
    Additional artwork for any bare walls — particularly in the entry/foyer (Remember, for $150, you can get an additional decor package of your choice, to make this easy!)
    Additional accent furniture to complete any large rooms. Is there space for a desk and chair somewhere in the living room or in a bedroom? Would an additional arm chair complete that large master bedroom? Would a console help finish off the dining room? (Please see our Pricing page for additional options you can add to your packages if you don’t want to provide this furniture yourself)

  • What if I need more furniture than what Riley or Sawyer offer?

    For any additional staging needs or additional furniture items, please consider our Essentials Package

  • Can I mix and match items from different packages?

    Unfortunately, we can’t allow mixing between packages. In order to keep our price point affordable, it is important that we keep our packages intact as offered. If you want a more designed look or would like more control in the design process, we encourage you to seek out our services at Red House Staging & Interiors as we have affordable full-service staging options that allow for more personalized design control.

  • What if one of the pieces of furniture in a package doesn’t fit or doesn’t work for my needs?

    No problem , you don’t have to use it! Please note, however, that we are unable to give refunds or partial credits for any portion of the contract fee for your Stage 2 Go package– it is one price whether you use all of it or not.

  • What if my property goes under contract quickly but I have paid for a 2 month contract?

    Congratulations on the contract! You can be sure that the staging paid off and is resulting in a quick sale. The 2 month contract term is the best value as it has a built-in discount on the 2nd month, but if your property goes under contract quickly and you destage sooner than the 2 month term is up, we are unable to give refunds for partially used contract terms, regardless of how soon we pick up the furniture. It is advisable to leave the property staged through the inspection and contingency periods, just in case the contract falls through and the property must return to the market, and for this reason, many clients feel that the 2 month contract is worth it.

  • Is the deposit non-refundable? Are there rescheduling fees?

    The deposit of $375 holds your spot on our schedule. Should you need to cancel the service after having paid your deposit, it is not refundable. If we have to reschedule your delivery on the day of due to impeded access (nobody on-site to provide access, no parking, loading dock/elevator not reserved, no snow removal, etc.), there is a $375 rescheduling fee that will apply.

  • What are the things I am responsible for taking care of in advance of delivery?

    You should be sure to take note of the dimensions of the furniture to ensure that they will fit through the load in path and in your space. Find the dimensions here! You are responsible for securing and posting parking permits 72 hours in advance of the delivery, should street parking be needed for our delivery truck. You are responsible for reserving the elevator/loading dock in your building, if required. Make sure to buy some light bulbs and picture hanging implements as well!

  • Will the furniture and decor I receive be brand new and in pristine condition?

    Sometimes you’ll be lucky and receive brand new pieces that are fresh off our receiving dock, but no, most of the time you are receiving furniture and decor that has been in rotation for our Stage 2 Go service with other customers. Given this, you can expect some minor wear and tear with the furniture and decor, which can include potential minor scuffing and small scratches. We do our best to touch up the furniture we send out so that any wear and tear is minimal and not readily noticeable.