Where to start with DIY Home Staging


Real Estate home staging has a big impact on the way prospective buyers experience your property. When it comes to a successful sale, a space merchandised for living creates an emotional connection that is just as important as hard facts like comps and price point.

Professional help from an expert in the staging industry will make your property stand out among all of the other MLS listings — both in photos and in person.

Lean on years of experience from Washington DC’s premier and most trusted high-end home staging company with Stage2Go. We blend the best of both worlds with turn-key packages that elevate the look of your property with a simple, yet effective designed look without the designer price… or long timeline. We get you set up and ready to shine for prices that start at $1325. All in a short turn around time.

After more than a decade of experience staging thousands of homes we discovered that many real estate professionals, developers, and homeowners have a common need:

Great looking staging design solutions made simple and affordable.

In other words, make the property look and feel amazing with a few pieces of great looking furniture and accessories without the time and expense of working with an interior designer for custom results.

DIY Home Staging in Washington DC(And let’s face it, some properties just can’t justify the cost of a more layered and curated staging, but every potential buyer still wants to SEE a staged property. And every property benefits from the effects of lifestyle merchandising.)

At Stage2Go, we’ve developed several signature packages to fit modern tastes and tight budgets. One phone call and it’s done. All that’s left for you to do is meet the delivery team, hang your artwork, plug in the lamps and make the bed. (Unless you want us to do that part, too. Additional installation costs apply.)


…In under an hour, your property is staged and ready for photos.

Choose your package or see how it works.