Cost-Effective Home Improvement Projects to Tackle Before You Sell

Affordable Home Staging in Washington D.C.Chances are if you’re ready to sell your house, you’ve spent the last few years making that space feel like yours. Now that you’re preparing to move on though, it’s time to turn the place you’ve made home back into a house.

After those years of loving wear and tear, there are likely quite a few areas of your property that could use a thorough spruce. You don’t want to put a huge chunk of money into a place you’re about to leave though, right?

Fortunately, there are a few budget-friendly home improvement projects you can take on that will increase the value of your home sale enough to pay for themselves twice over!

Refresh your paint.

Repainting your home interior (and exterior, if you have the time and resources) is one of the easiest and most effective ways to elevate the overall look of your space. Fresh paint helps your house put forth that clean, updated look your buyers are looking for. Stick with neutral shades to appeal to the widest audience.

Update your landscaping.

Another cheap way to boost the value of your property is to do some simple landscaping to enhance your curb appeal. It doesn’t cost much or take too long to mow the lawn, trim the trees and hedges, mulch, and weed your yard—and the results will be worth it. Plant a few colorful flowers or stick a potted plant or two on the porch for an extra welcoming touch.

Give your bathroom a mini-remodel.

Remodel can be a scary word for the budget homeowner. That’s why we suggest scaling down the scope of the bathroom “remodel” concept many experts suggest in preparing your home for sale. Replacing and updating small details in your bathroom can achieve the same impressive impact on prospective buyers. New fixtures (knobs, handles, faucets, etc.), countertops, vanity, and a little re-caulking and grout cleaning will go a long way for a low price.

Upgrade your kitchen with energy-efficient appliances.

DIY Home Staging in Washington D.C.A lot of modern home buyers—especially the new wave of hopeful millennial homeowners—are growing more and more conscious of their and their future home’s impact on the environment. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home sale, so why not pack a double punch and dress it up with brand-new, energy-efficient appliances?

A new eco-friendly dishwasher, oven/range, microwave, etc. will make the room look fresh and give it that green advantage. Just be careful not to clutter the countertops with too many gadgets.

Replace old floors and carpeting.

Hardwood floors are generally the most popular among buyers, so if you can get those installed it’ll put you and your property at a great advantage. If it’s not in the budget though, you should at least refinish or repaint the hard-surface floors you do have and hire a professional to clean your carpets. The floor is one of the first things your buyers will see, so it’s important to get rid of that worn and lived-in quality the years have given it.

Improve your lighting.

Lighting is crucial for setting the mood in your space and showcasing your home’s best features. Simple upgrades like new lighting fixtures and energy-efficient bulbs can make all the difference at your showings and even in your listing photos. Your priority should be to first enhance the natural light your home gets with sparkling clean windows and lightweight or sheer curtains (or none at all!). Then, add whatever artificial light you need to illuminate the remaining details of your space.

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