Why We Use Neutral Colors in Home Staging

Affordable DIY Staging in Washington D.C. & MarylandIf you’re about to put your home on the market and have begun your research into home staging, you’ll probably see the phrase “neutral colors” used quite a bit. Styling your space with a neutral color palette is one of the first cardinal rules of staging a home.

While you’re welcome to simply take our word for it, you might find it easier to stage your space effectively if you understand why neutral colors are the go-to for almost every professional staging expert.

Neutral colors help potential buyers envision your space as their own.

Vibrant or harsh colors schemes can be overwhelming and distracting for buyers viewing your home. Although you may love that bright red accent wall in the master bedroom, somebody who doesn’t share your taste might not be able to get passed it and see everything else your house truly has to offer.

Neutral colors are versatile and provide a blank slate against which buyers can more easily picture their own style, preferences, and belongings, and build an emotional connection with your space.

Neutral colors can make a room feel warmer and more spacious.

Painting your walls one light, continuous color helps create the illusion of more space in your home. Many neutral color schemes have warm undertones that also brighten up your space, making them especially useful in properties that don’t get as much natural light. Warm, bright, open spaces feel homier and are more appealing to potential buyers.

…but neutral doesn’t have to mean boring!

There’s plenty of room to play around with fun colors in a neutral palette—the key is to do so in moderation. Colorful accents, such as throw pillows, wall art, and other accessories and décor, against a neutral backdrop are inviting to buyers without cluttering the space.

Different neutral shades and schemes can be used to create different effects on a room as well. Pale blue tones, for example, have a cool and calming effect, while rich earthy browns are cozier and more comforting. Shades of black and gray can also be used to achieve an elegant, more sophisticated look that might be better for higher-end properties.

When you prepare your space for the market using one of the designer DIY staging packages from Stage2Go, we’ll give you everything you need to create the perfect color palette to sell. Our furniture packages use neutral-colored pieces that pair flawlessly with the décor package of your choice—all of which are based in different neutral palettes that feature strategic pops of color to achieve the desired effect.

Head over to our website to choose your DIY staging package or contact our team today to help you select the right one for your space!