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Tricks to Make Your Home Feel Cozier

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As the winter days grow closer, most of us are going to spend more and more time retreating to the warmth and comfort of our homes. Since you likely took measures to make your space feel light and airy for the summer, you’re going to need to layer back in warm and cozy elements before… Read more »

3 Interior Design Tips to Help You Master an Open Floor Plan

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Open floor plans have been around for some time, but in recent years they’ve really become one of the top attractions for prospective homeowners and renters alike. The appeal of such an expansive, open design is the opportunity to get creative customizing the look and feel of your most important living spaces to your exact… Read more »

How to Determine the Right Size Furniture for Your Space

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There are a lot of elements that go into pulling off an attractive and cohesive interior design scheme. Every detail from the color of your baseboards to the style of your floor lamps has the power to affect the harmony of a room and consequently, the way that people feel in your space! Choosing the… Read more »

Your How-To Guide for Decorating with Rugs

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An area rug is an excellent way to complete a room and anchor a cohesive interior design scheme. Rugs are adaptable—easy to rearrange and switch out as the seasons or your tastes change—and add warmth and comfort to any room with finesse! Rugs are a favorite when it comes to home décor—not to mention the… Read more »

Staging Your Summer Home: What to Keep in Mind

When you’re staging a house for sale, you want to bring out its best qualities and enable potential buyers to envision themselves living in the space. The objective and principles of home staging don’t change when it comes to selling a summer home—you just need to tweak the way you get there! A summer home… Read more »

4 Common Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid

Interior design is an art, which means not everyone is born with a natural ability to implement it successfully. We can’t all be Picasso when it comes to painting—and the same concept applies to styling home décor. The unfortunate difference between other art forms and interior design however, is that while not everyone needs to… Read more »

The Psychology Behind Color

The Psychology Behind Color

Have you ever noticed that there are some rooms you walk into and immediately feel at ease, and some that put you on edge? You might’ve thought it was the décor, whoever was in the room, or even just how you woke up that day, but it was probably something else entirely—the color of the… Read more »

How to Choose the Right Living Room Furniture

How to Choose the Right Living Room Furniture

In many cases, the living room is the focal point of a house and the most used space in your home. Having the right setup is crucial to the flow of the house, and good flow creates a warm and homey atmosphere to come home to after a long day at work—or to entice potential… Read more »

The Inspiration Behind Our Interior Design Style Options

The Inspiration Behind Our Interior Design Style Options

If you’ve been checking out our website, you’ve probably perused the different packages we offer for furniture and décor that make staging your home to sell easy and affordable. Our options are unique compared to other staging companies not only because they won’t break the bank, but also because they’re pre-packaged designs that are all… Read more »