The 2020 Real Estate Trends Every Seller in the Market Needs to Know

DIY Home Staging in Washington, D.C.Ah, the real estate market. The only constant in the industry seems to be that it’s always changing. It’s impossible to know what to expect and how to be successful if you don’t do your research before you even get your feet wet.

As D.C.’s leading staging firm, we always have to be up to date on the latest patterns and the current state of the market. For 2020 real estate, these are the top national trends we found that home sellers need to know to help them make the most out of their sale!

Home prices are on the rise.

The steady increase we’re seeing in home prices is enough to make a difference to a large chunk of buyers. On the upside for sellers, this means you’re potentially looking at a greater profit.

Keep in mind though, higher prices mean fewer buyers and more competition for their interest. You’ll really need to go the extra mile this year to make sure your space stands out among the crowd!

Interest rates will stay low.

As of right now, mortgage interest rates are continuing the drop that started in 2019. This means buyers who haven’t already been priced out of the market will be eager to make a move while the rates are low and more motivated to put out an offer!

This is good news for you as a seller, as it gives you some room to negotiate and consider your offers more carefully. You do have to be prepared to for things to move quickly though once your listing hits the market.

Millennials will continue to make up the majority of buyers.

The first rule to a successful home sale is to get to know your buyer. There are an influx of millennials aiming to become homeowners now, so you need to research what they’re looking for and how you can make your space appeal to them.

Millennial homebuyers want a lifestyle, not just a house. Keep this in mind as you create your listing and prep for showings to be sure you’re doing everything you can to market to your biggest audience.

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