Making Your Small Apartment Larger Than Life for a Sale

There are a lot of resources out there for homeowners about staging houses for a quick and successful sale—but what about the apartment dwellers? Staging your apartment is just as essential for getting the best deal as it is for a house!

Apartment staging takes all the major principles of basic property staging and tweaks them to make the most of your smaller space. Take success into your own hands with these expert apartment staging tips!

DIY Staging Services in Washington, D.C.

Designate a purpose for every nook and cranny.

Prospective buyers are not going to take the time to figure out how to use your space; you need to give them an easy-to-recognize purpose to keep them interested. When you’re trying to sell a tight-squeeze urban apartment, every square inch counts!

Stage every unused corner to add value to overlooked areas of your apartment. A small, sleek desk, for example, can transform a dusty alcove into a functional home office.

Be careful with storage.

You want buyers to see how much storage space your apartment has to offer, but not by using it all up. Showcase as much functional space as possible by organizing and decluttering your belongings.

Remove unused items from all surfaces and clear infrequently used possessions from storage areas. Packing your fall sweater collection into a fashionable steamer trunk in the living room or separate storage unit will help buyers see how much potential your apartment has for easy storage.

Balance your furniture with your space.

Stage your apartment with furniture and décor that is scaled down to each room. Heavy or oversized furnishings and too much décor will distract and overwhelm your buyers. You want them to focus on how cohesive your space is stylistically, and how functional your layout is.

Make sure your furniture is the right size for your apartment—you don’t want your pieces to be on top of one another and make the space look smaller. Keep to one or two statement pieces of décor as well, to create an interesting effect without going overboard!

As a D.C. based company, Stage2Go understands how fine the line is between cozy and cramped. That’s why we offer furniture packages with two distinct scales to fit tight city spaces as well as those slightly larger ones! Both collections can be paired with any of our décor packages to give your space a stand-out style and presentation to reel in the buyers.

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