How to Stage Your Home for a Quick Sale

Have you found the perfect house to begin an exciting new adventure? Already picturing all the ways you’re going to be able to use that third bedroom upstairs, and the parties you’ll have on the backyard deck? If you are, you’re probably looking to sell your current house swiftly and smoothly.

Don’t let the prospect of a slow sale drag you down! Eagerly embrace the dreams you have for your new home by ensuring your old one flies off the market with these essential tips for a quick home sale.

How to Stage Your Home for a Quick Sale

Polish up your home exterior.

First impressions are everything; be sure to catch your buyer’s eye by upping your house’s curb appeal at every opportunity. Someone may be driving around your neighborhood in search of “For Sale” signs, or maybe they saw your listing online and decided to check it out themselves before scheduling a close look. Don’t let them walk away unimpressed; entice them with a bright and welcoming exterior.

Keep your siding, windows and walkways clean—power washing is a good option if you’re trying to avoid doing actual siding work. Adorn your home with colorful flowers and greenery and keep your lawn well-maintained too. Oh, and don’t forget to hang your house number loud and proud—so buyers know which one to fall in love with!

If you have a porch, do everything you can to make it inviting for prospective buyers. Try a fresh doormat and some potted plants to give it a homey feel—and maybe even consider repainting to make it appear as good as new. If you have room for furniture, opt for a cozy bistro table and chairs or an outdoor loveseat and pillows where onlookers can envision themselves reading on a lazy summer afternoon. When the sun goes down, be sure to keep your porchlights on so no one misses out on your tempting setup!

Keep the inside clean.

Make sure potential buyers walk into a spotless space each and every time! This is essential for keeping them interested and leaving them with a good impression of your home. Your surfaces—counter tops, windows, floors, etc.—should sparkle. If you don’t want to go to the trouble of buying new appliances for the kitchen or bathroom, at least make it look like you did. Everything in your house should look new and spotless.

Remove odors with a deep thorough cleaning, and if you can’t quite do it yourself then hire a professional—you don’t want the only thing people remember about your open house to be the smell of Fluffy’s litter box. You should “detail” your home like you would detail your car. Declutter your home to give buyers more usable space to look at, and less to distract them from the beautiful assets of your home. Clear off all of those surfaces you took the time to clean and rent a storage locker if you have to; just don’t throw everything in the bedroom closet because they’re going to want to see that too!

Keep your home depersonalized to allow prospective buyers to build a connection and picture themselves turning it into their home. Take down photos and personal trinkets, remove toys laying around, and try to relocate your pets during showings.

Stage your home to sell.

Staging is vital to showcasing your home’s best features and impressing buyers with your space. It allows people to see themselves living in your home, which translates to that quick sale you want for a high price.

Maximize your space with the right furniture and accents. Don’t overcrowd a small room or leave a larger one feeling empty and cold. Use décor to give your home personality; but personality that is adaptable to anyone’s style. It’s best to stick with neutral colors for the wall and furnishings, with a few color pops in the interior design. Emphasize that your space is functional, versatile and beautiful.

Consider hiring a professional staging company to assure your home is putting its best foot forward. If you don’t think you can afford a full staging, check out the low-cost packages we have available to help you stage your own home yourself.

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