5 Tricks for Improving Your Listing Photos

You may have the most attractive, affordable house on the market, but if you can’t convince people to come by to see it then it’s never going to sell! Real estate listing photos are often the key to drawing prospective buyers into your home—giving them just enough so they’re hooked but want to see more. They’re the very first impression most buyers will get of your home, so you need to take extra care to make sure they’re perfect.

Take advantage of these clever tips for turning your listing photos into works of art—and of the convenient DIY staging packages we have to help you do it!

5 Tricks for Improving Your Listing Photos

Use video in your real estate listing.

Modern technology offers a seller a lot of opportunity when it comes to portraying their property online. Take advantage of these tools and incorporate a video or two with your listing photos!

A video tour of a room or house is a smart, eye-catching way to show off the layout of your home. Let prospective buyers see how your house flows so they can better picture themselves living in the space.

Add a pop of color when you take your photos.

While it’s best to stick with a neutral palette when staging a home for sale, a few bright accents are a great way to add some life not only to a room, but to your real estate photos too! Place a brightly patterned throw pillow or two on your beige couch or a vase of vibrant flowers on an end table. Just make sure your color splash doesn’t interrupt the flow of the room.

When deciding on how you’re going to use color in your photos, don’t get caught up and overdo the décor. We always suggest a minimal interior design scheme when it comes to optimizing your space, but vivid colors do photograph better than flat neutrals. A dash of color here and there—especially for your listing photos—can really capture the attention of prospective buyers and make your photos stand out.

Quantity matters.

The number of photos you include in your listing can have a greater impact than you might anticipate. If you don’t post enough, buyers will wonder if you’re leaving something out on purpose. They may also get confused trying to figure out the layout of your home and decide your listing isn’t worth their time.

On the other hand, too many photos of your home can overwhelm and bore potential buyers. Making them sift through a bunch of photos to find the value in your property is a great way to lose your buyer’s interest. How many photos you post will depend on the size and square footage of your home. Don’t make them work too hard for it—but don’t make it too easy either.

Take advantage of natural light.

A room basked in the glow of natural light is extremely enticing to anyone looking to buy a property. It indicates a warm and inviting atmosphere, making people want to take the time to learn what else your home may have to offer.

Wash the windows and open your curtains and blinds! Remove heavy drapes, window treatments, and any accents or feature that might prevent the light from shining through.

Always stage your home.

Home staging is the best practice for securing a successful and lucrative sale—and the same idea applies to your listing photos as well! You should be using almost all of the essential staging solutions you’ve read up on to attract potential buyers to your home when you stage your photos too.

Let buyers see the amazing potential of your property before they even arrive! Emphasize the space each room has to offer by taking care not to overcrowd it with furniture or décor. Highlight any special features—like a fireplace in the living room or an island in the kitchen—when you snap your listing photos.

You want to use these pictures to sell a lifestyle. Make each room clean and inviting, removing cluttering and any personal items that interrupt the connection you want you prospective buyers to be building with your home.

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