What First Time Sellers Should Do to Sell Their Home

Staged Living RoomNumerous factors, processes, and preparations go into selling a home for the first time. For the first-time seller, knowledge is key for turning a listing into a sale.

Stage 2 Go has recommendations on what first time sellers can do to successfully sell their home.

Hire a Realtor

Unless you are choosing to sell your home yourself, selecting a realtor to begin the process is important. Picking the right agent to sell your home leads to a smoother transaction and a quicker sale. To select the best realtor, consider starting by creating a list of experts in the specific area where you live. Narrow down your choices by conducting interviews of prospective realtors.

Ask questions about the realtor’s selling experience and history, the number of homes they sold the previous year, the length of their selling process, their marketing tactics, their communication preferences, and pricing practices.

Utilize Digital Marketing

Many buyers start their search for a new home on the Internet; so, sellers must utilize smart digital marketing techniques to put their listing in front of buyers. Your realtor will add your listing to the local multiple listing service (MLS) and market your home to potential buyers using as many different avenues as possible.

On your part, post your listing to social media and ask your connections to share with their social circles. Send your listing out to your friends and colleagues via an e-flyer that you know are willing to pass it along. Go the extra mile, and work with your realtor to create a property website solely dedicated to your listing.

Take Quality Photos and Videos

Buyers need to see captivating visuals that prove your home is worth pursuing. Without them, your home will quickly be passed over. You should provide professional photographs of your home’s exterior and interior. Use your listing to display photos of every room and interesting feature of your home, focusing on what makes your home stand out.

Adding a virtual home tour to your listing to entice buyers to check out your home in person. Giving buyers the chance to walk through your home online helps them better visualize what you have to offer.

Understand the Importance of Staging

After deep cleaning, de-cluttering, and depersonalizing your home, it is time to take the look of your space to the next level. Staging your home will instantly transform your property into a purposeful and functional home, putting your home miles above your competition and increasing the likelihood of a quick sale. Set the stage for a great sale by using quality furniture and accessories to elevate the look of your property and impact how buyers experience your space.

Stage2Go has been helping realtors, developers, and homeowners style their properties with high-end interior design for years. Our customizable packages can stand alone as great staging but are also perfect foundation for the DIYer who may want to add their own personal touch.