Tips for Choosing Your DIY Home Staging Package from Stage2Go

DIY Staging Services in Washington D.C.For certain D.C. properties on the market, less really is more when it comes to home staging. While staging is always an essential step to a successful (i.e., fast and lucrative) home sale, it doesn’t always have to be super in depth. Sometimes, just a few of the right pieces are all you need to bring your space to life. That’s what we’re all about at DIY Stage2Go—offering simple, turnkey staging solutions that are both effective and affordable.

Even better, you’ll find that the process of using our staging services is just as simple as our solutions. Your biggest decision will be choosing the right furniture and décor packages to make the most out of your space. To make sure you nail it, here are some tips to help you decide!

Measure your space to determine the best furniture package.

When choosing your Stage2Go furniture package, it mostly comes down to size. The last thing you want is for delivery day to come and to find the furniture you chose doesn’t fit your space. Too small and everything will look unbalanced and out of proportion. Too big and the pieces may shrink your space.

To avoid either of these mishaps, check the dimensions we have listed online for the Riley package and the Sawyer package. It may be helpful to put tape down to measure out where the pieces will go. Don’t forget that additional accent furniture can be added to complete larger rooms as well.

When choosing your décor package, consider your target audience.

All of our décor packages are neutrally designed for universal appeal. Each option has a bit of its own style though, and so some may bring out the best in your property better than others. Think about what type of buyers will be likely to be shopping for your home based on your location, the current market, and features of your property.

For example, if you’re trying to sell or rent an urban style apartment in the heart of D.C., the Soho package will complement your vibe. Working with a home that’s not blessed with much natural light? The Valencia package will sprinkle your space with the perfect amount of color to liven it up. For homes and apartments near the nightlife scene, the Austin package will have your buyers imagining the parties they could throw in your home.

Now that you know how to choose your DIY staging package, you’re ready to start transforming your home for the market!

All you have to do is fill out our online form with your choices, and our Project Coordinator will contact you to get you set for next steps. If you have any questions about Stage2Go’s home staging packages or how our services work, give us a call at 202-257-2072 today!