This is Why Home Staging Works

If you’ve decided to sell your house, you’ve probably been doing a little research to find some good tips and tricks for making it more appealing to potential buyers. Chances are, you’ve come across a few articles that advise you to stage your home for the quickest sale at the best price—but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re convinced.

Wondering why everybody swears by home staging? Read on to learn exactly why it works, and then head on over to our website so you can get started with some easy, affordable DIY staging packages!

This is Why Home Staging Works

Inspire a Lifestyle

Furnishing and decorating a house to be more attractive to potential buyers is the best way to encourage them to connect with your home. Offer them a lifestyle that they can aspire to—one that they think will only be possible in the home you’re selling. The key to enticing buyers is to help them visualize themselves living in your house.

Keep in mind what you were looking for when shopping the real estate market. You may have had a list of preferences for number of bedrooms, kitchen size, and ideal location, but ultimately you made your decision based on how the house made you feel—your buyers are going to do the same. Staging is the perfect way to eliminate your personal “homey” touches, while keeping it welcoming enough for someone else to envision adorning the space with their own style.

Play to the humanity of your buyers; make them engage with your home emotionally so they come to believe it’s the perfect place to help them achieve their dreams.

Keep Buyers Interested

Your house is not going to be the only one shoppers are looking at. Make sure your home stands out among the rest and doesn’t become just another showing.

A house that feels warm and inviting and fosters connection with buyers, will stay at the forefront of their mind when they go to the next open house or sit down with their significant other to review the listings they’ve seen so far. Secure your spot in their hearts and at the top of their wish list, leaving no room for any competition.

Have you ever been in a relationship with somebody who ended up not being exactly what you were looking for? You probably didn’t notice their flaws while you were together because we often wear rose-colored glasses when looking at the people and things we love. Effective home staging will have the same effect on potential buyers.

Someone who falls in love with your house and is focused on the potential it has to accommodate their ideal lifestyle is far more likely to look past small issues or undesirable features that may otherwise cause them to hesitate. They’ll focus on the positive things your home has to offer when they feel a connection, instead of the negative—and prioritize that good feeling over everything else.

Motivate People to Buy

Many buyers may like a house and note its positive attributes while they’re in it, but more often than not those will fade to the back of their minds once they step out of the front door. They’ll leave to look at other places or mull over the pros and cons of your home and end up deciding not to pursue it.

Staging your home is crucial to guaranteeing potential buyers actually make an offer on your home. After all, you can’t deposit polite smiles and fleeting interest in the bank. Make your home so charming and captivating that people are afraid to lose out on it. This will ensure you get the best price for your home and close the sale fast.

Convince potential buyers that your home is worth the commitment—and the money—with quick, affordable, and effective staging. Stage2Go offers convenient packages, designed by experienced home stagers, that will give you the tools you need to ensure your home sells at its highest value, on your ideal timeline!