The Inspiration Behind Our Interior Design Style Options

If you’ve been checking out our website, you’ve probably perused the different packages we offer for furniture and décor that make staging your home to sell easy and affordable. Our options are unique compared to other staging companies not only because they won’t break the bank, but also because they’re pre-packaged designs that are all set and ready to go for you!

Accessible, inexpensive, and good quality staging doesn’t have to be limited. We understand that different realtors or sellers might want to appeal to a specific purchasing demographic; that’s why we offer multiple options to fit your needs.

The Inspiration Behind Our Interior Design Style Options

1.) Soho

You’ve probably heard of this type of interior design before. Soho is a style based off of the interior decorating scheme of the elite Soho Group in London, England—a member’s only organization that builds various clubhouses and hotels around the world. They’re known for being urban and traditional with contemporary, edgy accents that make a space stand out.

Soho-inspired interiors usually work with earthy or jewel tones and seal their paint with a matte finish. The décor is ornate but chic, and they love texture; think rich, heavy fabrics like velvet or leather, and metallic materials. The details in Soho are usually designed to emphasize the spirit of the specific city you’re in, like New York or D.C.

2.) London

Our London interior design package emulates style inspired by classic British architecture. The Brits are known for infusing character into their spaces to weave together a room with the perfect amount of personality and eccentricity. The general idea of a London style is to create a cohesive design that gives the interior of an entire building a natural flow.

British architecture is neoclassical, grandiose, historic and rustic; features that are adapted to interior design with accent pieces and furniture that is unified and engaging, but custom to the continuity and vitality of the space.

3.) Chesapeake

If you want potential buyers to walk into your house and feel like they’re on the coast of a sandy beach, then this is the package to do that. It’s not overwhelming or tacky; there’s just enough color splash to add some fun to an overall serene vibe.

Coastal styles typically stick to warm whites and ocean hues to inspire the sense of comfort that comes from laying on a beach and listening to the ocean. Décor is nautical, furniture is soft and lazy, and natural light is the lynchpin that holds it all together.

4.) Austin

The Austin package is an excellent option for homes being sold in bohemian parts of the city. Bohemian interior design is all about having a relaxed, free spirit, and décor that is visually appealing. Like Soho, this style is edgy and chic, but is also defined by its use of unique attributes that generate a multicultural and artistic atmosphere.

Generally, bohemian interiors are built starting with simple, neutral tones—on the walls and sometimes furniture—and then built upon with expressive and unique accents composed of different patterns and bright colors. The décor can be very indulgent, and plants and other botanicals fit nicely with this scheme as well.

5.) Valencia

This package is great for livening up bland and monotonous rooms! Influenced by natural tones and materials like wood and splashed with bright color; this décor will make potential buyers feel positive and excited about your home.

Valencia is inspired by geometric patterns and tweaked to become a little abstract and modern. This design is a fun and fresh option for staging your home and turning each room into a radiant space filled with possibilities.

6.) Whidby

If you want an island vibe to entice your potential buyers, then Whidby is the way to go. It avoids approaching the gaudy territory this theme can sometimes cross into by sticking with mellow tones and cool blues, to keep it feeling grounded.

It’s similar to the Chesapeake style in that tranquility and leisure are invoked with simple, yet imaginative décor, but offers just a little bit more finesse.

Now that you’ve gotten to know our stylistic inspirations a little more comprehensively, it’ll be easy to choose which package will best fit the audience your home is most likely to appeal to! We’ve got everything you need to make your property stand out and close the deal.