The Do’s and Don’ts of Kitchen Staging

A successful home staging pays careful attention to each and every room, and your kitchen is no exception. The kitchen might not be the first on your list of areas to focus on before a showing, but that doesn’t make it any less crucial to your home sale.

When it comes to preparing this room, you’ll want to continue to follow the constitutional principles of staging— approaching it similarly to your living room or master bedroom—but with less of a concentration on comfort and more on functionality. Keep in mind these fundamental do’s and don’ts of kitchen staging to ensure yours is where your buyers want to make their next meal!

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DO: Keep everything exceptionally clean.

While this rule does apply to every room in your house, it’s especially important to make sure your kitchen is immaculately clean and hygienic. This is where your buyers will imagine themselves eating meals and preparing food—they need to feel like it’s an ideal and sanitary place to do so.

Scrub the floors, counters, tables, appliances, and any surface in and out of sight that’s in your kitchen. Spend some extra time and energy getting the details right—remove and clean the stove knobs, burners, fridge shelves, etc. Also take care to never leave any dirty dishes in the sink or dishwasher.

DON’T: Leave too much on the counters.

Your kitchen counters should be almost entirely clear when it’s time for a showing. Only leave out one or two small appliances—like a toaster or coffee maker—to make it feel lived in enough that buyers can connect with the space. Cleaning supplies should be kept out of sight but placing a bottle of nice hand soap by the sink can be a good touch.

DO: Pay special attention to odors.

One bad smell or lingering odor can turn prospective buyers away in an instant! Remove all garbage and recycling before anyone comes by and wash out the trash/recycle bins themselves to eliminate any enduring stenches. Running a lemon down your garbage disposal is another good tip to add a fresh scent to the space.

Avoid cooking with strong-smelling foods that leave a distinctive aroma behind. Believe it or not, not everybody who comes through is going to love the smell of bacon or garlic. Stick to restaurant dining or opt for takeout during peak showing times.

DON’T: Forget about your cabinets.

You might not anticipate it, but we can assure you that buyers will open your cabinets and pantry to check out the space! Keep them organized and visually pleasing. Be sure to leave some extra shelf space too, even if you need to store food and items somewhere else out of sight for a little while. A crowded cupboard can make buyers think they won’t have enough storage space.

DO: Incorporate décor and accessories.

You want your kitchen to look clean, but not completely sterile. Make it feel welcoming and homey with some cute hand towels, a nice tea kettle on the stove, or a cookbook or two stacked on the counter! Be sure to keep it subtle and universally appealing, just like any other room.

Remove personal touches like photos and fridge magnets to make the space more relatable to a stranger. Incorporate your decorative touches subtly and so that they don’t overwhelm. It’s hard to go wrong with a vase of fresh flowers or some bright green succulents!

DON’T: Confuse a staged kitchen with a practical one.

Everyone will have a different system for customizing their kitchen to their routine. Make sure when you’re preparing yours for prospective buyers, you’re not doing it with your own patterns and needs in mind. Organize to make the kitchen and its features look bright, clean, and spacious, not for easy access to your most used items.

Remove excess items, even if you’re using them—appliances, food, dishes, etc. Staging your kitchen is about how it looks and feels; not how convenient it is for you to use.

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