How to Stage an Inviting Entryway

Affordable Home Staging in Washington D.C.When staging a home for sale, too many people make the mistake of thinking once they’ve finished the living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and dining room, their job is done. While it’s true that these principle areas require your attention first, you can’t afford to underestimate the influence that smaller ancillary spaces can have on potential buyers.

Your first staging stop after those major rooms are ready to go? The entryway.

Follow the guidelines below when staging your entryway, so that buyers want to put in an offer from the moment they step into your home!

Eliminate clutter.

Rule number one of home staging is to declutter every big room and small nook and cranny. It is, however, especially important to clean your entryway of any items that don’t need to be there. As the very first impression potential buyers will get of your home interior, the entryway sets the tone for the entirety of your space. You’re not getting off to a good start if the first thing they notice is a pile of shoes and an overstuffed coat rack.

Use furniture to optimize function.

Buyers need to envision your entryway as a space they can use as they’re coming and going about their daily life. Think about what needs this area should meet and choose one or two furniture pieces, and perhaps a few smaller accessories, that can fulfill them.

Consider things like seating for removing shoes (a cute bench), a surface for placing keys or mail (simple console table), and plenty of efficient storage (hello rustic wicker baskets). Just because buyers shouldn’t see your clutter doesn’t mean they don’t have to be able to imagine filling the space with their own.

Finish it off with a few inviting décor pieces.

A well-staged entryway should make buyers feel welcomed as soon as they cross the threshold of your front door. You need to draw them in with a scene that they can imagine coming home to every day. All you need are a few carefully selected touches to really sell it. A piece of art or statement mirror to fill the empty walls; a table lamp to bathe everything in a warm glow; a potted plant to breathe life into the space; a few cozy pillows for the bench; that’s all it takes to craft the perfect greeting.

With a designer DIY home staging package from Stage2Go, you’ll be able to stage the major areas of your home in a snap, leaving you more time to focus on those miscellaneous spaces that can make or break your sale. Plus, you have the option to add on a second décor package to help you finish off those extra spots—like the entryway—and make buyers truly feel at home.

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