Are Your Prospective Buyers Serious? Here’s How You Can Tell

Affordable Home Staging Services in Washington D.C.The process of selling a home can be exhausting. You have to prepare it for the market, create the perfect listing, advertise it, and then spend the time showing it to interested parties and waiting for offers. What’s even more frustrating for homeowners and agents is when they expend all of this time, energy, and money just to learn that the buyer they were catering to wasn’t even serious about buying in the first place.

To save yourself the trouble and disappointment, watch for these signs that the prospective buyers you’re working with are serious about wanting to buy a home!

They’re working with an agent.

Someone who is truly ready to buy a new home will have enlisted a realtor with local expertise and resources to help them find the right property and get the best deal on it. Since the buyer’s agent is ultimately paid by the seller anyway, you can be sure a buyer foregoing the free help isn’t too serious about making any offers.

Their financing is in order.

A pre-approval letter from a mortgage lender is a must for anyone who’s serious about buying a house. This is the only proof that a buyer can afford a home and has done the research and work necessary to identify their budget. If a prospective buyer doesn’t have their financing arranged, they’re wasting your time.

They’re asking the right questions.

Serious prospective buyers will be asking questions that indicate they’re actively picturing a life in your home. They should be interested in things like the neighborhood, schools, utility costs, recent maintenance, needed repairs, tax rates, and the social aspects of living in your home/community. A silent buyer is most likely a fickle one.

They have a timeline.

If a buyer is serious about finding a new home, they’ll have an ideal timeline of when they want to do it. This may be a firm deadline, such as a particular date, or a more general one such as before a particular season sets in or event takes place. A good way to tell if a potential buyer is operating on a timeline is if they mention that their rental lease expires soon or they’ve already listed their current house for sale.

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