4 Things Winter Home Buyers Are Looking For (and How to Use Them to Your Advantage)

DIY Home Staging in Washington, D.C.Winter may not be the most ideal time to have your house on the market, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a great sale!

If you do your research, there are a lot of smart strategies out there to help you get around the smaller pool of buyers and frosty weather that may, at first, seem challenging. Once you know what the prospective winter buyer is looking for in a home, you’ll be able to market yours for most (and highest) offers possible!

1) Warmth

Spring buyers may be looking for central air conditioning and inground pools, but the winter home buyer will be looking for a toasty place to retreat from the elements. Make your home feel like a warm winter haven by bumping up the thermostat to make people want to stay in your house—and show off the excellent condition of your HVAC system at the same time!

2) Light

With the limited winter daylight hours, it can be difficult to make your home feel inviting. Ensure you’ve done everything you can to emphasize natural light in your space and supplement with plenty of artificial light to keep your house bright and welcoming! Nobody wants to come back to a place that they remember as dark and dreary, much less live in it.

3) Comfort

When potential home buyers are shopping in the winter, they’re looking for a place where they can see themselves curling up on the couch and relaxing during all the chaos of the holidays. Help them picture the comfort they’ll feel in your space by sprinkling it with cozy accessories! A fluffy throw blanket on the couch, a good book on the nightstand, and a couple of big, plush towels in the bathroom are sure to make them want to stay.

4) Easy Maintenance

Selling your home in the winter weather is not an excuse to get lazy with exterior maintenance. Be sure to keep up with your curb appeal so buyers will be drawn to your house, focusing on the charming porch décor instead of the long driveway they’ll have to shovel. Clear snow and ice from your walkways so prospective buyers have an easy path to the door. Don’t forget to put a rubber mat in the front entryway to keep melted snow and dirt out of the house too!

The tougher the real estate market, the more important it is to put your best foot forward and show off what your space has to offer. With a DIY staging package from Stage2Go, that process is made quick, easy, and affordable. Give us a call at 202-257-2072 to give yourself the gift of a lucrative home sale this season!