4 Advantages the Fall Season Offers Home Buyers

DIY Home Staging Packages in MarylandSpring through summer has been well-established as the busiest season for home sellers and buyers. But if you decide you’re ready to upgrade as summer is coming to an end, don’t make the mistake of thinking you need to wait until next year to start house hunting. Just as there are quite a few surprising benefits to listing your home in the fall, there are some advantages to buying a home at this time too.

Check out a few of the biggest perks of starting your home search as the leaves begin to fall!

1) Sellers are more likely to negotiate.

The demand for houses is lower when fall comes around. Especially if they’ve been on the market since the spring, sellers will be itching to close a deal. Or, if they’ve just listed, they’ve done it for a reason and are probably more serious about selling. Either way, this leaves you—the buyer—with more negotiating power.

2) Get a better idea of a property’s flaws.

As weather gets harsher in the fall, conditions can reveal a lot about the shape a home is in. Looking at places now, you’ll be able to see and feel firsthand how they hold up in the rain, cold, and other dreary weather. The season will help expose any major issues before you buy, unlike in summer where you may not find out until later.

3) Tax benefits.

Closing on a house just before year’s end affords you considerable tax deductions. You’ll be able to write off property taxes, mortgage interest, and any other payments made prior to the loan closing. A month or two of payments on an entire year’s worth of income works out to a pretty nice refund for you come spring.

4) You’ll have easier access to other real estate services.

Sellers aren’t the only ones operating in a slower season this time of year—other real estate professionals are experiencing a lull as well. This leaves you with more of their undivided attention, greater scheduling flexibility and, in some cases, the upper hand in rate negotiation. Mortgage lenders, home inspectors, agents, contractors, movers, and other services will be more readily available to you.

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