3 Landscaping Tips for Home Sellers

Affordable Home Staging in Washington D.C.A successful home sale is all about making your property as attractive to potential buyers as possible. As the first impression a buyer gets of your property, the state of your home exterior is a crucial factor in whether or not someone deems your home worth their time and consideration. The biggest thing you can do to boost your curb appeal and get your house ready for the market? Landscaping!

You may be worried about the cost or skill required to make your landscape look inviting. But the good news is, there are a few simple, cost-effective landscaping tasks you can tackle that will make a world of difference. Let’s take a look at the best areas to start with!

1) Clean up your lawn.

For a crisp, clean first impression, your lawn should be cleared of all debris and kept well-maintained. Mow it consistently for a height of about 2 inches and give it a good watering once a week. Clean up any leaves, branches, and other debris, and keep the edges trimmed for clean lines as well.

2) Prune, trim, and shape vegetation.

Overgrown vegetation makes your landscape look messy and neglected, implying your home is not well-cared for. Pruning and trimming dead, diseased, or overgrown branches from trees and shrubs will help achieve that neat, elegant look that your buyers desire. You can also trim back your plants to give them a clean shape and keep them from blocking windows or pathways. Don’t forget to weed your garden, lawn, and the areas around your hardscapes (patio, porch, deck, driveway, etc.) too.

3) Touch up garden beds.

A fresh garden with a pop of color will draw the eye of any buyer. You don’t need to have a green thumb to pull this off. Simply choose a few low-maintenance plants that offer good ground cover and a little bit of color, such as shrubs and perennials. If your landscape isn’t in shape for a garden, use potted and/or hanging plants instead. Top it off with a fresh layer of mulch and you’ll be good to go! Just be sure to keep it simple, as you don’t want your landscape to look like too much work and turn anyone off.

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